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AJEM 2.x User MOA

Download the AJEM 2.x User Memorandum of Agreement:

Users requesting AJEM should complete the User MOA form and submit it to the AJEM CMA via fax or mail to the address below:

SURVICE Engineering
4695 Millennium Drive
Belcamp, MD 21017
Tel: (410) 297-2378
Fax: (410) 272-6763

 Note: For those contracts/sites where multiple users at one physical location will be required to use AJEM in order to conduct the task specified in the MOA, the primary POC should be designated on the MOA form, and a list of additional users WITH SIGNATURES (see the User MOA, Page 4a of 5) may be attached to the MOA, rather than filing separate MOAs for each user.

Once the CMA obtains a signature by the appropriate Service Release Authority, you will be provided with a password to access the secure AJEM website where you can download the latest version of AJEM.

Updating Existing AJEM User MOA

To submit administrative changes (that do not require review or signature) such as new address, phone, fax, etc., simply contact us with the updated information. To submit signatory changes (that require subsequent review and/or signature) such as POC changes or adding users, you must complete and submit replacement pages for your AJEM User MOA.  Updated information will be forwarded to the appropriate release authority and need-to-know signatories.