AJEM Training


Introductory AJEM training is offered by the SURVICE Engineering Company.

AJEM Training Sessions






 AJEM Training Sessions
 Introduction to AJEM


 3 Days

 $2250 Industry
 $1750 Government
 SURVICE Aberdeen Area Operation
 Belcamp, MD


For information on training course fees and schedules, contact:

SURVICE Engineering Company
4695 Millennium Drive
Belcamp, Maryland 21017-1505
Tel: 410-273-7722
Fax: 410-272-6763


The Advanced Joint Effectiveness Model (AJEM) is a stochastic, point-burst, terminal-effects simulation for estimating the effectiveness of munitions and for estimating the vulnerability and survivability of fixed-wing aircraft, rotary-wing aircraft, missiles, small watercraft, and ground-mobile targets. This course provides an introduction to the AJEM analysis process, including an overview of BRL-CAD and related tools for addressing geometric target models; navigation, setup, and analysis execution; documentation and available postprocessing tools; and analytical details for specific V/L and Endgame methodologies.

Download the AJEM Training Course registration packet (PDF - 291 KB)

Class Schedule

8:00 AM Breakfast snacks and beverages.
8:30 AM Class begins.
Noon-1:00PM Lunch break (on your own).
3:30 PM Hands-on exercises and any additional Q&A.
Drinks and snacks will be available during the afternoon.
4:30 PM Class ends.
ATTIRE: Business casual.
DIRECTIONS: SURVICE Aberdeen Area Operation